[Hottest] ClubCoin the New Legal Passive Opportunity offered by BitClub network

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There is a new opportunity that is completely passive and completely legal as it is, once again, based on technology, crypto-currencies.

There is good news and bad news, if you want to be an early bird in this income opportunity.

Good News: Everybody can participate!
Bad News: Early bird is only available through BitClub Network.

The name of the alt-coin is ClubCoin.
Each coin costs only $0.035 and the company will guarantee to buy it back at $0.05 after 6 months...

For all the details and to grab a few,  visit: ClubCoin Early Bird and watch the video on your dashboard after signing up.

BitClub Network Internasioanal



Right now BitClub Network is offering something special to early adopters of ClubCoin...

BitClub Network GUARANTEES the ClubCoin exchange rate will be no less than $0.05 USD for the 6 months after the coin officially launches. Doing this will not only give you incentive to hold and stake it, but it will allow us time to build up the coin and grow the ecosystem so that after 6 months the coin is growing on its own.

You can purchase up to 250,000 coins during this pre-mine sale

  • Each coin is being sold for $0.035 USD each
  • BitClub Network will buy back the coin after launch at $0.05 USD each
*BitClub Network only accept Bitcoin or Credits from your Credit Wallet for the purchase of ClubCoin

All the details are available through the Video and more info below the video... You can find it all after signing up through the link below (DON'T MISS IT!).

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