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BITCOINTUBE Tips and Trick:

BitcoinTube is an advertising video if you know paidvert its same
system but different ads.
BitcoinTube pay member for watching video 30 second and withdraw
instant to your to your bitcoin wallet after your request. minimum
0.001btc for withdraw.

Tips and Trick:
1.Login to BITCOINTUBE bonus video for get 100 video poin

3.collect 1000 video point (its mean 10 day)

4.after get 1000 video point, now you level1 and get Paid video worth 0.005btc

5.after you watch all paid videos and get 0.005btc you poin decrease
100 poin. now you have 900 poin, click bonus video for get 100 video
poin again.

6.after 2 day get paid videos you can withdraws or save for buy ads
pack is up to you...

for get Paid video you need minimum 1000 poin.
for detail level and look FAQ

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