Hot News New Update CLD Mining Panel v2.0(istant payment)

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CLD Mining Panel v2.0
Update: 05 April 2016  it is now more compact & easier to understand

Reinvest and no CLD mining
Before you were able to mine CLD, now it is done in a different way:
Equivalent of CLD mining is now 100% reinvest feature.
You can also set reinvest option to 0%..20%..50..80%..100%
Reminder: More CLD you have - faster mining will be

Please note:
If you have been mining CLD during the switch to new mining panel,
we will set by default for you BTC mining and reinvest 100%
CLD balance via the reinvest option is updated every 3 min. no page refresh needed
Mining process.
Data between Counted and Available is updated every 3 minutes,
also no page refresh is needed.

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