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 topmine free 5 ghz
New Cloudmining TOPMINE.IO Free 5 mining power terax
Price Promo launching : 1 mining power = $0.12

How to start?
To start mining you need to pass a simple registration in our system. Right after registration you will be provided with 10 bonus TeraX, after that, just select cryptocurrency from the list and start mining.
What is TeraX?
TeraX - its a new created by our experts system of algorithms for the most profitable Bitcoin and altcoin mining.
What determines the speed of mining?
Mining speed depends on quantity of TeraX you have.
What cryptocurrency can I mine?
Currently we provide for mining such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, also you have the possibility to mine US Dollars.
What is US Dollars mining? How is this possible?
A special feature of our service is that in addition to the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin mining we have made available mining of US Dollars. US Dollars mining is a conventional name for earning this currency. This feature became possible by combining the mining of certain altcoins and automatically exchanging them to US dollars using the exchange rate at the time of mining. This feature simplified the use of the service and freed our customers from the problems with the exchanging of some cryptocurrency.


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