Hot News new Bitcore free 25 Ghz promo end 31 march 2016

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 Bitcore mining
BitCore Cloud Mining is a service that offers easy and fast way to purchase Bitcoin hashpower online,
we are performing a price update. 

prices are: 
0.00059/ghz = minimum 25ghz up to 2499ghz (basic miner)
 0.00057/ghz =minimum 2500ghz up to 9999ghz (Serious miner)
0.00055/ghz=minimum 10.000ghz up to 9999ghz (Pro miner)
Maintenance fee: $0.0007 per GH/s per 24h

Coupon Promo march "
BITCORE_MARCH"  get 5% bonus hash
For new Sign up Get free 25 GHZ ( its really free no need deposit for cashout)

Nama Anda
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