Hot News MATEBUX First PTC Social Network for Making Money (Launching Date March 14th 2016)

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MATEBUX First PTC Social Network for Making Money, MIX Facebook + PTC in one place.
you can earn money and Follow other member

this is our prelaunch so we are making our site public to test all our features and we hope Neteller will be integrated this week.  official launch will be on March 14th.
We have a promotion during our prelaunch mode, so if you purchase a Premium membership, you will get 1000 PTC credits for free.
 When and how will I get paid?
Your earnings will be sent to your provide payment method, as long as you met some conditions which are shown in the table below. All funds are US Dollars.
Electronic cashouts (PayPal, Payza and NETELLER) are processed daily. Your cashout will be entered in the pending queue to be processed and will be done in the order it is received within 2 to 7 days.
The minimum Cashout for the first payout is $2.00 for all memberships.

A stepped-up cashout scheme will be applied in this order for Standard membership: $2.00 - $3.00 - $4.00 - $5.00 - $6.00 - $7.00 - $8.00.
A stepped-up cashout scheme will be applied in this order for Premium membership: $2.00 - $3.00 - $4.00 - $5.00 - $6.00.
We are glad that you have chosen to be part of our community, we hope you enjoy your stay!

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