Hot News cloud mining 7CLY v.2 free 2000 dogecoin bonus signup and 15 dogecoin + 0.00015 ETH daily bonuses

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Cloud mining 7CLY v.2 launching 24.03.16 
offer free 2000 dogecoin bonus signup
 7cly mining
you can mining BTC, LTC,Doge,Dashcoin, ETHEREUM and RDD
1 mining power = $0.60
Instant Payment
Change list: 
1. Overall design 
2. Database was optimized 
3. New servers 
4. Added full transaction history 
5. New payment system 
6. Added new deposit methods 
7. Fixed small but annoying flaws 
8. New support ticket system 
9. New FAQ page 
10. More informative pages that will help new users start off 
11. New anti-DDoS system 
12. Email is now required to sign up 
13. Daily bonuses: 15 DOGE + 0.00015 ETH 

You can earn up to 2% of your investment per day. You'll be making profit in just 3 months!


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