Hot News CLick Intensity 7 level commision Sales and 100% Ref click

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CLick Intensity 7 level commision Sales and 100% Ref click

There Are Primarily 5 Ways To Get Paid In CLick Intensity
 1.By Completing Cash Tasks
 From Time To Time Whether You Are A Free member or paid member , u will get cash tasks which on completion will give you income. The $ value per cash task varies from task to task . Paid members ( members with 1 pack and above) will get more cash tasks versus totally free members as that tells us that paid members are more serious towards using and benefitting from the system.

2.Earning From Profit Shares
Each $25 Silver Coin Pack = 1 Profit share in the Company And You Get Paid Till Your $25 Coin Becomes $30 And Expires The profit share values will vary based on the total gross within the system. Note : This is no fixed timeline for the profit share to hit $30 on each silver coin pack.It's a variable component and totally depends on company's profits via sales of various products offered by Click Intensity. The maximum number of Silver Coin Packs One Can Have Is 4000 Packs.

3.Personally Referred Member 
You earn Flat 10% on all silver coin packs purchased and repurchased by your personally referred members. However As a member with (a free account only) you will earn 5% sales commision on personally referred members and 100% ref click. Obviously, the more your refer the more you earn- It's Totally optional though.

 4.Team Income
This is where it gets really exciting as now you have a chance to start getting paid from the team upto 7 levels deep also and not just only your personally sponsored members.

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