BitcionAngels launched gambling site

Posted by Admin on 6:12 AM launched gambling site and deposited 45 btc in SatoshiNews wallet as guarantee for next 5 days until 24.03.2016 20:00 UTC

Hello Dear SatoshiNews readers. We have been writing about bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry already more than a year and we got a great offer to all our readers RISK-FREE investment opportunity from newly launched Gambling site in bitcoin industry BitcoinAngels

BitcoinAngels offer investments with bitcoin. While there are so many scams online, we requested BITCOIN guarantee deposit before we offer such site to our readers and they agreed with our terms for 45 btc guarantee deposit.

What does it mean?

BitcoinAngels deposited 45 btc into our wallet ( click here )  for next 5 days from this moment and for example if someone will be scammed or project closes in this time frame - You can request full refund from their deposited guarantee 45 btc.

Lets gamble with BitcoinAngels and contact us if you have some troubles with project.

Nama Anda
New Johny WussUpdated: 6:12 AM

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