Anycoin Direct adds Ether

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Anycoin Direct adds Ether to its platform

The European cryptocurrency exchange platform Anycoin Direct has announced that buying and selling ethers is now possible at the platform either via bank or PayPal account.

Anycoin had previously added dogecoin, DASH, litecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. Ethers can be purchased with either euros or Canadian dollars, and Anycoin supports payments via Bancontact/Mister Cash, IDEAL, SEPA, Sofort and TrustPay for European customers.

The company explains the decision to add ethers by the growing customer demand. Ethereum has experienced the rise of price recently on its contracts platform, surpassing both ripple and litecoin in its market capitalisation. In December, a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency elCoin was launched by the platform.

As Anycoin states, its aim is to provide the most accessible and safest way to buy bitcoins. Users of Anycoin need to go through a process of authorisation, namely, upload their ID or passport as well as proof of address and pass validation through a video chat with one of Anycoin's employees.

Ethereum, a platform offering smart contract applications built on the blockchain technology, opened in 2014 and raised money by selling digital tokens ether (ETH). Over the first two weeks of the sale, the company received more than 25,000 BTC from selling over 50 million ETH. Ether is an internal network currency that can be used to pay for platform utilisation as well as to reward contributors for their services.

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