Hot News TADSOL|130% - 150% revshare Progam In Prelaunch Phase - Will Launch 5PM GMT Monday, 29th feb 2016 Instant Withdrawal - $2 Minimum

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I welcome all new members to #TADSOL and give my warmness to former members for their amazing support.
Today's update begins with sharing the latest development on the website, We have upgraded our site by adding Google translator for easy navigation to multi lingua members, also added in our facebook link.
We are building a detailed income calculator to help you envisage possible earning with #TADSOL in each of the plans. The calculator will help you see possible days for ADPACK expiry , Low end , high end and average possible cashback.
Understanding TADSOL is of importance to the entire Admin team hence we want to organize a section to share details. 5PM GMT Friday the 26th will be a good time, there will be a live question and answer section in the #TADSOL facebook group, it will be great to see maximum participation, this will be an opportunity to share your views, comment on what others thing and gain more understanding of the #TADSOL Advertising income opportunity concept. You are a member, understand this ride your taking with us and let's together make it a huge success for 2016.
We remind you that #TADSOL is still in pre-launch and needs adequate marketing, as a member you are part of our marketing team, let us share this opportunity with as many folks as possible. This is the best time to create your individual team as this opportunity is still fertile for everyone.
Now, let me share with you the top 3 questions asked by members today
1) Is there a referral commission on repurchase pack?
Answer: No we do not pay referral commission on pack bought using repurchase balance. We pay only daily cash back on repurchase pack.

2) Is there external fund / income source to back up TADSOL?
Answer: Yes. We have external income source to be used to manage the program. The program will not be solemnly dependent on funding from members. We have e-currency sales and exchange business which yields profit, Also I am an investor in home flipping business and I generate some profit monthly, although not high but it will surely cover for the daily rebates for some time when the tough days arise.

3) Will there be any form of bonus for promoting #TADSOL as a leader?
Answer: Yes. We know how hard marketing is and we want to encourage leaders to put in maximum effort. There will be bonus for Top refs in different category.
We challenge every single member of #TADSOL to champion this program, it is not the regular revshare that appears and fold up after days. As the administrative team we have done our work and we present this fresh opportunity for the benefit of revshare lovers. Let us Play! Let us Make Money and Feel the Good of this program.
Whether or not TADSOL will last depends on our individual actions, Take action! share TADSOL with a friend. Post to your facebook group & page, forums, blogs e.t.c

I'm Team #TADSOL
TADSOL|130% - 150% revshare Progam
In Prelaunch Phase - Will Launch 5PM GMT Monday, 29th 2016
Hourly Sharing  - Surf and Non-Surf Plan
Instant Withdrawal - $2 Minimum
10% : 2 Level referral commission ( 8% - 2%)
40% repurchase rule on all plans

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