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29th February 2016

We hope you are well and enjoying great growth from the PowerLineAds wealth-building business.

Bronze+ Launching Soon! Our new Bronze+ Ad Packs will be released on March 4th, so be ready! Make sure you have a total of at least 100 Bronze Ad Packs in your account plus funds in your Purchase Balance.

Members must have a 100 bronze Ad Packs before they can purchase Bronze+, plus we cap the purchases for the Bronze+ plan so that members can only have a certain amount that are active which currently is 250. This means that we will still retain purchases continuing into our Bronze plan.

Weekly Cash Giveaway Due to the success of our latest cash contest we will be holding one every week! Every week on Sunday we will randomly choose 3 ID's from all purchased Ad Packs for the previous week and they will be awarded $50 each! To be in for a chance to win all you need to do is purchase Ad Packs. The more you purchase, the more chances you have to win. Our next cash draw will be when this countdown ends below, so get purchasing and good luck:

Your Success - Your goal for success with us is to make sure you work towards at least an active 250 bronze Ad Packs, and this is easily achievable for whatever level you start at. Just check out our Success page in your Members Area for full details.

Now that we have settled into our system we can now concentrate on the important job of growth. The quicker we grow the more purchases we receive and the more members with active Ad Packs earn.

Make sure you are doing your bit! Please do not moan about speed of earnings etc if you are not helping to build the business. We have provided the tools as well as fantastic monetary rewards for bringing in new members under yourself, so get involved. We make lots of withdrawal payments to members but only a handful of them post testimonial proof on this page or on our Facebook page.

Strangely it is those members that do not get involved that shout the loudest when things slow down lol. We currently have well over 2,000 members. We have proven ourselves as a reliable and paying business, so there is no reason to not get involved for anyone.

If you want to earn referral bonuses like these below then all you need to do is start promoting! You will find your personal referral link and tools in your Members Area. All it takes a few referrals and soon you will have 1,000's of purchases from them, all earning you bonuses:

Account Issues - When we went into our full launch last weekend we had a couple of issues due to the mass amount of purchases that were occurring in such a short space of timeplus one cheeky member set up 2 accounts and managed to hack in $6,000 which they spent on Ad Packs under the usernames johnsmith and jameslocas.

We caught this very quickly and secured that part of the script that they abused but it meant $5,400 was paid into other members accounts via profit-share and matrix bonuses. This meant that some members earnings were affected and there would be a discrepancy between what it shows on profit-share earnings against the actual real balance.

Therefore before you contact us regarding these, all we need you to do first is to this:

1) Check how many total profit-share spots you have and times that by 1.25. Then subtract the profit-share commissions earned.

2) Check how many total matrix spots you have and times that by 1.14. Then subtract the matrix commissions earned.

3) Take those 2 total amounts and add them together.

4) Then work out your original deposit/s and then subtract any withdrawals or transfers you have made from that figure.

Now if those total amount of commissions still to earn is higher than the remainder of your deposit, then do NOT contact us. You are still in the money and for some of these that we have already checked some members are more than 20x still in the money.

BUT if those total amount of commissions still to earn is less than the remainder of your deposit, then YES, do contact us and we will investigate.

Do NOT contact us if your potential earnings are more
than you deposited else your ticket will be deleted.

Matrix Statistics - On the Member Pages/Full Company Statistics you can now see what ID for each level of the Bronze Matrix we are currently filling with spillover. This will give you a great idea of how close we are to reaching your own matrix ID's.

New Features - As we settle into the system and iron out any issues, we will be introducing more and more features such as...

--- Points bonus page for contests and rewards
--- Members co-op for us to redirect new members who sign-up under admin
... and lots more

2016 is the year of PLA, so position yourself now for success!

Promote and Earn Cash - With members compounding their earnings and purchasing more and more Ad Packs that means with just a few personal referrals you could easily earn $1,000's just in sponsor bonuses. Now, as well as these 10% sponsor bonuses onevery Ad Pack your personal referrals purchase,  you can now also promote your referral link and earn more cash.

Just see our Promotional Tools page in your Members Pages for more details. This is just another feature that will rise us above all other similar businesses and make us a powerful force for 2016.

Full Transparency - We understand the importance of being fully transparent to all of our members. This is why you can always see our updated company stats on the Member Pages in your members area. These show you how many active Ad Packs there are, how much we have received and more. Take a look today.

Withdrawals - Members can see all of the latest withdrawals paid out via the Payouts link on the main pages. We do ask that if you receive a withdrawal that you post proof of it via the testimonial box (below this update) and also at our Facebook page. These really do help the fence-sitters trust us and invest in our Ad Packs, and the more purchases made, the more you earn.

Ad Credits If you have High Viz or Banner ad credits then please use them up. We have1,000's of visitors and members who go to our website every day and this is a huge source of potential leads for your promotions.

Success With PowerLineAds - We will have huge growth over the coming weeks, months and years and as per our 'Success With PowerLineAds' page, it is all about compounding.The more Ad Packs you own, the more profits you can earn from them. With our 70/30repurchase rule in place this means that there is a constant flow of new purchases being made daily, so make sure you purchase as many of our Ad Packs as you can until you achieve at least 250 active Ad Packs. Our biggest earners have 1,000's of active Ad Packs, (but 250 is a great start).

We are growing very, very fast and we will have lots more updates and add-ons coming over this launch period, so make sure you position yourself now, get the word out and build your own downlines.

Christine & Chris
PowerLineAds Admin

Are You A Cash Winner: Below are the 3 ID's chosen at random from the generator, from all purchased Ad Packs over the 48hr period from ID's 3133610 to 3148167:

The winning IDs are 31452853134950 (claimed by sairam) and 3137777. To check if any of these ID's are yours, click here to go to your Bronze Matrix ID's. If you are a winner then contact us immediately at [email protected] with your Username and theWinning ID. Good luck.

Nama Anda
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