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We have created a powerful system that if followed correctly will help you easily earn very a large online income. Our Bronze Ad Pack plan offers high visibility advertising credits plus an amazing 3-way compensation plan in the form of aforced-matrix that pays out 114%, profit-share that pays 125%, plus sponsors also earn 10% bonuses on every Ad Pack that their personal referrals purchase, (which can easily reach the 1,000's).

Your goal for success is to aim for a minimum of 500 active Ad Packs in each plan to build yourself a growing passive income from our powerful compensation plans, and if you follow our 'Success With PowerLineAds' page on your Member Pages you will see that it is an easily achievable goal.
Take a look at this chart below that shows how much your potential earnings would be with these amounts of active ad packs for our Bronze Ad Pack plan: 
Active Ad PacksMatrix (114%)Profit-Share (125%)

20 Ad Packs in each plan (actual cost = $20) would give you a total return of $47.80
500 Ad Packs in each plan (actual cost = $500) would give you a total return of $1,195.00
5,000 Ad Packs in each plan (actual cost = $5,000) would give you a return of $11,950.00

In reality you would earn much more than this as you would be purchasing more Ad Packs with earnings plus receiving re-entries from cycled matrix spots. See our Success page for details on how to make our Ad Packs work for you.
Promote Your Referral Link & Earn!

For every 100 unique views that your personal referral link receives you earn 1c placed into your Purchase Balance. To earn $1.00 all you need to do is send 10,000 hits to your referral link which is easily achievable via many resources including free Traffic Exchanges and Solo Mailers.Promote & Earn Today!

The Owners - With so many scams online, especially in the revenue-sharing industry we have received many requests for details on the owner (Christine Williamson) and any other members who assist with the administration of PowerLineAds. Therefore we will be creating a bio page this week with full details, so look out for that.

New Features - As we settle into the system and iron out any issues, we will be introducing more and more features such as...

--- More stats to the 'Company Statistics' page which will show the current levels reached on the Bronze Matrix
--- Points bonus page for contests and rewards
--- Members co-op for us to redirect new members who sign-up under admin
... and lots more

2016 is the year of PLA, so position yourself now for success!

Promote and Earn Cash - With members compounding their earnings and purchasing more and more Ad Packs that means with just a few personal referrals you could easily earn $1,000's just in sponsor bonuses. Now, as well as these 10% sponsor bonuses onevery Ad Pack your personal referrals purchase,  you can now also promote your referral link and earn more cash.

Just see our Promotional Tools page in your Members Pages for more details. This is just another feature that will rise us above all other similar businesses and make us a powerful force for 2016.

Our Success Depends Upon You The more members we have means more purchases, which means more commissions. This is simple maths and a fast growth also has a knock-on effect of bringing in even more members and purchases very quickly. You will find your own promotional links and tools in your Members Area.

Full Transparency - We understand the importance of being fully transparent to all of our members. This is why you can always see our updated company stats on the Member Pages in your members area. These show you how many active Ad Packs there are, how much we have received and more. Take a look today.

Withdrawals - Members can see all of the latest withdrawals paid out via the Payouts link on the main pages. We do ask that if you receive a withdrawal that you post proof of it via the testimonial box (below this update) and also at our Facebook page. These really do help the fence-sitters trust us and invest in our Ad Packs, and the more purchases made, the more you earn.

Ad Credits If you have High Viz or Banner ad credits then please use them up. We have1,000's of visitors and members who go to our website every day and this is a huge source of potential leads for your promotions.

Success With PowerLineAds - We will have huge growth over the coming weeks, months and years and as per our 'Success With PowerLineAds' page, it is all about compounding.The more Ad Packs you own, the more profits you can earn from them. With our 70/30repurchase rule in place this means that there is a constant flow of new purchases being made daily, so make sure you purchase as many of our Ad Packs as you can until you achieve at least 500 active Ad Packs. Our biggest earners have 1,000's of active Ad Packs, (but 500 is a great start).

We are growing very, very fast and we will have lots more updates and add-ons coming over this launch period, so make sure you position yourself now, get the word out and build your own downlines.

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