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Launched new cryptocurrencies for mining and making deposits: 



Our affiliate program allows you to earn 12% bonus of purchased CLD of all referrals that you attract to our system and 10%,
we offer up to 1.5% per day from your initial investment.
This means that in just 3 month you get total return on your investment.
You can withdraw funds or re-invest them anytime in our cloud mining solution

CLD is a system to generate cryptocurrency mining algorithms. The system automatically selects the most profitable algorithms for mining. price 1CLD=$0.68 usd,

How to start Mining today?

Step #1:

After the registration, you get directly 1500 DOGE coins for free.
In order to start mining you need to EXCHANGE this amount to CLD (our internal Cloud currency), this will allow you to get a mining power.

Step #2:

Good, now you have a mining power. More CLD you have, faster mining will be.
You can start mining any currency OR continue to mine CLD power in order to have after a faster mining of any currency.

Step #3:

In order to get faster mining power, you can MAKE A DEPOSIT on your account via Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Webmoney or Perfect Money.

Step #4:

Mining starts when you click "Mining" and it works even if you are not connected to your account.
Mining data is updated every 1 minute.

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