Weekly News From Sergey Mavrodi 10.01.2016

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Hello! Here is the news. What news actually can there be? Everything is as usual, the System is developing. In other words, there's a normal working process. What I would like to tell you, that everyone can see what is happening on stock exchanges: all shares are collapsing, and everything goes down in flames. Here's the simple question: why is it happening? All these factories which existed there, were they brought to naught? Went down the drain? They are still there, producing goods, but the prices of the plants possessing these goods, are somehow falling down. I.e. shares are depreciating. Why is it happening? Because investors are in panic. And as a consequence the shares are collapsing. First, this is what panic is. Secondly - what the modern financial world system stands for. I'm constantly repeating - what money is. They say, for example, investors lost for last few days two or three trillions US dollars. Once they lost that amount, then it should be found out somewhere. As it decreases in one place it should increase somewhere else. However it didn't appear anywhere, i.e. fell into the abyss. It just never existed. All these trillions are painted, mere numbers on computer. I'm always saying that, but life finally makes us wonder about it. The question is real assets. As they say, MMM isn't supported by anything, and there are assets, which supported by some plants. They become just a pile of scrap when the faith of investors in them is lost. In other words, as long as people trust in MMM or any shares, it's the same, simply, the point of these plants is that the investors witnessing existence of these plants gain somewhat confidence. And there's nothing more than that. It's merely the matter of faith. There are no any real assets in the modern world. Everything has been virtual for a long time. It's an enormous deception :-). Which is hard enough to perceive. But we need to get used to it. The reality itself sets us to thinking about it. OK, what else can I say? I want to add one more thing: all this works in our favor. As people becoming aware of the current situation, they will hasten to join MMM. All roads lead to MMM. That's why I'm sure: the year 2016 will be the year of MMM. Mark my words. That's it.
As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable. Together We Change the World!

Nama Anda
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