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  we are giving away so much its like you're robbing us.

  Rainbot: Up to 0.00020000 BTC credited every few mins to a random chatter!
  Happy Hours: Surprise happy hours at random of up to 10X over standard amount!
  Faucet: 250 SAT(8X Promo) -> A Massive up to 1250 SAT/90 sec bitcoin faucet!

 Multidrop: Drop up to 32 Bits at once      

 Customize: Design your own row, and play your own game

Why invest with us? Here you get 1.15% of the house edge, compared to .9-8% of the house edge after fees on other sites. We hold promotions,
happy hours/days, referrals, trivas and more. To ensure success/growth, in the amount of players, and to bring forward a social active community. In
return to ensure a better future for our investors and

Summary: We've seen a bunch of investor based sites that are based purely upon dice. We've decided to try out something new and
interesting, and introduce a plinko based investor game. We also feature many unique features, including the ability to create and share
our own prize row.  It's fun and exciting, don't miss out!

Promotions: Bitvest runs a faucet 24/7 to give new players a chance to win for free. Along with the faucet, we also run a chat
promo, simply participate in chat, and you may be randomly selected to win! To celebrate our launch, we'll be paying out up to 800% extra
in our faucet and chat giveaways for the first week!

Three Tier Referral System:

With this system you can earn from three levels, example:

Step 1: John refers Luke
Step 2: Luke refers Bob
Step 3: Bob refers Mike

John would earn BTC from Luke,Bob,Mike in a 3 tier fashion. Exponential growth!


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