How To Make Provide Help

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Steps to perform Provide Help (PH):
1. Before doing PH you must enter your bitcoin address into your MMM GLOBAL account , the first step, login to your BLOCKCHAIN account here, enter the code identifier and your password correctly and then enter the menu "Wallet Home" after it, copy your bitcoin address at the bottom.

2. Next, log in to the MMM website here, enter your email and password correctly, then click on "Account" and then select "Add" and then please fill out the form according to the example in the image and click "Save" and then click "Dashboard"

3. Next, to the green box click "Provide Help"

4. Then check in the small box and then click "Next"

5. Then select curency "United States Dollar (USD)", then at the bottom select "Bitcoin" and click "Next"

6. Then enter the dollar amount would you want to PH in the box provided, a minimum of $10 up to $10000, adjust to your ability, then click "Select", and then reinsert it in the box provided the amount of dollars that you want to PH the earlier and select "mavro-USD" then click "Next"

7. Then, approval page appears click "Next" and then click "Ok"

8. After that, just waiting to get orders PH (usually 1-2 weeks), so it would appear the command transfer such as image below

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