How To Make GET HELP

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1. Login to the MMM website here, enter your email and password correctly, then after login successful , go to menu "Dashboard" on the orange box click on the phrase "Get Help"

2. On the next page select "Select Bank Account or registered Earlier Card", then click "Next"

3. Then select "BITCOIN" and click "Next"

4. Then fill in the box provided the amount of money you are going to GH with the provisions of a minimum of $10 and multiples, then click "Next"

5. On the confirmation page click "Next" and select "Ok"

6. Next, just waiting to get the sender, and if it is getting the sender looks like the picture below

7. After getting the sender, just waiting for the sender to send bitcoin and confirm, if the sender has to transfer and confirmation, will look like the image below, you have to do is to immediately confirm it, to confirm click on the green circle then click on the sentence "Confirm reception funds" and then click "Ok"

Before you do confirm it, first check on your bitcoin account, to ascertain whether bitcoin that the transfer is actually entered or not, if after you check was already entered then immediately do the confirmation, but if it has not received it, do not be confirmed.

8. Next, do writing letters of happiness, wrote free to use your own words expressions of happiness in the box provided, do like the example here, then uncheck the little box below, then click "Send"


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